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Firing fees

We have a gas kiln that we fire regularly in relation to the work done by the users of the studio.

You can count between 3 and 4 weeks from the moment your pieces are created and the time they will be glazed and fired.

The firing fees are in relation to the price of the gas which is changeable nowadays. 

These are the new prices from November 1st 2023.

Bisque - 100 Rp./gr. = 100,000 Rp./kilo

Glaze - 150 Rp./gr. = 150,000 Rp./kilo

Bisque and glaze - 200 Rp./gr. = 200,000 Rp./kilo

Please note that we fire only the pieces made at the studio and we allow different clay to be brought in the studio, but it needs to be stoneware. The price of the firing will remain the same than with the clay we provide.

We don't offer rentals of our kiln for private firings.

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