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Mahteh Ceramic is a dream becoming true

We are Séline and Marco, a Swiss - Argentinian couple. We have been working in architecture and graphic design for the last 20 years. 

Ceramic has always been in my life and Marco followed me in the dream of opening a ceramic school in Bali, The Island of the Gods and our new home.

I have been making ceramic since I am a kid and I have during all these years, learned from different ceramicists from all around the world. I also spent 5 months in a ceramic school in Paris to focus on throwing techniques. The tipping point happened in 2017 when I came to Bali to make an internship at Gaya Ceramic Art Center in Ubud, Bali. Since then I have been dreaming of opening a place dedicated to ceramic and creativity, where people share their love for clay.

Mahteh Ceramic is a small studio situated in Lodtunduh, a few minutes south from Ubud, in a very peaceful and lush place.

We provide all the facilities you need to be able to focus on your creations. We offer various options, such as an open studio pass for flexibility, a shared studio rental for the passionated ones and private classes on demand to deepen any subjects. 

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