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September 2nd to 14th 2024

For all levels

Price 1490 USD

SOLD OUT - join the waiting list here

We are thrilled to announce that Shikha Joshi, internationally known potter based in America, will come and teach a two weeks workshop in our studio in Bali in September 2024.


In this workshop we will explore how one can get warm, rustic, earthy surfaces of atmospheric firing in an oxidation environment. This class will work for students of any skill level who enjoy experimentation and are interested in diversifying the outcomes from their oxidation firing (electric or gas kiln).


There will be the option to use the wheel or to do handbuilding depending upon each participant's comfort.

We will explore the Japanese technique of kurinuki, learn how different slips, crushed rock and sand can be applied to increase variation, mix a few cone 6 glazes and learn how to apply them to create variation, learn about wood ash and how it can be used to highlight glazes and so much more.


At the end of the two weeks participants will acquire a working knowledge of how to work with clay at wet, dry, bisque and glaze stages to promote the development of a rustic surface.

BIO of the artist

Shikha Joshi is a potter based in Texas. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Shikha learned ceramics through community classes and workshops in the US.

Her work has been featured at prominent galleries like Companion, Charlie Cummings Gallery and Clayakar.

She has exhibited at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts where her work is part of their permanent collection.

Shikha has been published in Ceramic Monthly, Surface Design for Ceramics, and 500 Platters.

She has taught numerous workshops nationally as well as online, sharing her passion for creating surface variation in an electric kiln.

Artist's statement

My creative process results from an interplay between form and function. I like to explore form, to create pots with strong shapes, with the underlying guiding factor being, achievement of good functionality.

The rich earthy hues strongly appeal to the artist in me, which in turn dictate the choice of my clay and glazes.

I find myself being drawn to the Japanese aesthetic of “Wabi Sabi”. Loosely translated, it means beauty in imperfection. Consequently, the surfaces of my pots have slowly transitioned from intricately carved to being rustic, earthy and organic. I hope my pots echo the silent austere beauty and simplicity of the natural world and infuse the user with a feeling of meditative peace.

Colors and textures of rocks, tree bark, algae are some of the things that inspire me and I am constantly experimenting with slips, glazes, colorants and inclusions to recreate that look. The desire to emulate the rustic surface of wood fired ceramics within the constraints of an oxidation kiln continues to guide me on my evolutionary journey as a potter.

Workshop details

Hours of work each day 9am-12pm - 2-5pm

Day 1 - presentations. Making small pieces with wheel and/or handbuilding techniques for tests

Day 2-3-4 - making rustic forms with handbuilding techniques like bowls, plates, trays with organic rims. Learning about the kurinuki technique

Day 5-6 - slip with inclusion preparation and application at different stages of the clay

Day 7 - bisque firing

Day 8 - foraging clay and local rocks. Learning how to apply them on tests cups 

Day 9 - creating cone 6 glazes, learn application techniques and use of wood ash

Day 10 - firing test pieces - excursion

Day 11 - using firing test results to glaze the pieces we made during the workshop

Day 12 - glaze firing - day off

Day 13 - opening of the kiln, discussion of results and upgrade possibilities


It includes the teaching and assistance of the instructor and Mahteh Ceramic Studio’s team, all the studio material, the firings, the lunches, the welcome dinner and the excursions.


Is not included:

Flight tickets

Transportation from airport to lodging

Lodging - see lodging suggestions here

Breakfast and dinner

Lunch during free day

Any personal purchase



The workshop is sold out, but you can join the waiting list by sending us an e-mail at


Registration, cancellations and refunds 


  • A 50% deposit is required for registration.

  • The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to workshop start date.


  • Registrants who need to cancel must do so at least 30 days before the workshop date.

  • Cancellations made at least 45 days before workshop, will receive a refund minus a 5 percent administrative fee.

  • Cancellations made at least 30 days before workshop, will receive a 50% refund minus a 5% administrative fee.

  • Cancellations made less than 30 days before the training program, will not receive a refund.

Registration Modifications :

  • Registration modifications to indicate a substitute participant must be completed at least seven business days before the workshop date.

Workshop Cancellations:

  • If Mahteh Ceramic Studio has to cancel a workshop due to low enrollment, instructor illness or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed as soon as possible You may then enroll in another workshop (based on availability) or receive a full refund. Mahteh Ceramic Studio is not responsible for lodging, travel, or other arrangement losses incurred as a result of a workshop cancellation.

Any pandemic related Workshop Cancellations

  • If we are unable to run the session because of government restrictions / advice, we will offer everyone who has booked a credit for the same workshop at a future date. If this is not possible, we will offer a credit to the same value that can be used for any of our workshops.

  • Mahteh Ceramic Studio is not responsible for lodging, travel, or other arrangement losses incurred as a result of a workshop cancellation.

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